Spare any change?

I actually mean the change other than money but I couldn’t resist the title. Change can be good or change can be bad. It depends on the circumstances. But the one thing that I do know about life is that change happens. Cope with it and move along in life.

I myself am not all that adverse to change. I’ve been through enough restarts, moves, and sudden shifts in direction that I usually take my moment to emote, cry a few tears, celebrate, let the shock wear off, or whatever and then go on. It is just the way I am. I like doing new things so even if it might be a bad change I can usually bring myself around to think of something positive.

So the big change recently, I set time aside to write. Oh boy, you’d thought that I’d asked people to cut out their major organs in sacrifice to my whim. I think the big mistake is that I told certain people I was doing this. My time management has gone to pot these last three weeks. Now granted, personal and family stuff always comes up and you cannot always plan them. I knew about my sister’s wedding and I knew it would take time. I consoled myself that I would make time to write AFTER the wedding. Great, wonderful. I did that.

I get home from said wedding and another crisis has arisen. I am keeping my promise to myself in that I am ignoring the phone, messages, texts, chat and everything else on the planet just trying to get something written. In this case my minimum goal is the blog. Ok, I wrote the blog. (More like a personal rant, but still, it’s written.)

When I made the change in my life to write, and write regularly, I knew there would be resistance. I just didn’t realize how much resistance there would be. I keep harking back to “Resistance is futile”. But in MY case, resistance is NOT futile. I will resist other’s demands on my writing time. Now there is change for the better.


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