The Writer’s Toolbox

I’m having motivation issues, so fear is my first topic revisited. I came across this quote as I was working (or in this case not working) on my writing. This one is from Dwight V. Swain:

Only if you stand ready to make mistakes today can you hope to move ahead tomorrow.

So yet again fear seems to be a theme. I don’t want it to be. I would like to convince myself that I am over-empathizing with my main character who is WAY outside her comfort zone, but no.

Rather than letting myself be paralyzed, I am looking outside myself for help. I once read a book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way. It has lots of tips and tricks for letting your inner artist out, working through tough times, and pouring inspiration back into your creative well. Ms. Cameron has a blog now where she posts regularly on letting your inner artist free. Check it out if you’re into motivation or need a little spark to get you going on something. Another book that I read way, WAY back is by Gabrielle Rico called Writing the Natural Way. Ms. Rico does this clustering model that allows you to free up ideas and make some associations that your subconscious doesn’t even realize is there until you do it. If you’re into free writing, poetry or just curious, check it out. They are just some of the things in the writer’s toolbox that pop out when I’m in the place where nothing seems to be working the way it should. What is in your toolbox?


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