Time and Time again . . .

It’s Monday again. And here I sit thinking about time. Time that we all have, time that we use, time that we waste or time that we let pass us by. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It is how we use them that is what makes the difference.

Do you spend your time on your priorities? Priorities can be just about anything: Family, Fitness, Entertainment, Work, Survival, or just letting life go on around you. If you’re a fitness buff, you probably make sure you have time to exercise, go to the gym, take a walk or run, or insert your exercise of choice. If your family is a your priority you may be spending time with them, caring for children or elderly relatives, keeping things going so the family can get the stuff they need to do done. If you have to work, you make time for that, or more realistically, your boss tells you when to be there. Even more so if you’re your own boss, self-employed people work harder than anyone I know. All I know is that when most people talk about “Where does the time go?” they usually have no idea where it went or are fooling themselves about how much time they actually invest in things.

We have more time now than at any other time in history. We have machines to do work for us that used to take significant amount of time: tractors, cars, trucks, trains, washing machines, vacuums, microwaves, bread machines, cell phones, portable computers, etc. The list goes on and on. We go faster, further and longer than we ever have before to get to work, play or whatever. It’s what we do with the time that makes the difference, remember?

Our society is also more entertainment based than ever before. There is programming on hundreds of channels 24/7, the internet never closes, we have more electronic gadgets with games, magazines, and books (remember those?) than most people can process in any reasonable amount of time. Yes, life is good. But what are we doing with our time? Watching TV? Playing games? Instant messaging friends? Posting on Facebook or Twitter? Do we even talk to each other or do we just text? Everything happens now, instantly and interrupts what might be going on at that moment.

Think about what your priorities are. Do you make time for them? Do you make enough time for them? What can you cut that isn’t or shouldn’t take up so much of your time to put that time back into your priorities? Take responsibility for your decisions and do something. Don’t let the question “Where does the time go?” be answered by “I wasted it.”  Also know that if something unexpected comes up . . . tomorrow is another day.  Just don’t let too many todays pass you by.


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