What if . . .

What if . . . It is a great tool for writers, but it is also a great tool for everything. Have you ever done a what if in your daily life?

I have to admit that this is a relatively new experiment for me. I come back to it every now and then as things happen. Big decisions, little events, major disasters, or just trying to get through the day. Sometimes taking a step away from something is the best way to get some perspective on it. I have to admit, that I’m generally not very good at that. But once I do manage to back off a little bit, I can start what-iffing and get some perspective. Easiest question is: what if the worst happened? Which, of course, leads to the next question: what is the worst that can happen? So worst case scenario, if that happened, could I cope with it? Most of the time the answer is yes, I can deal.

I have had a major earthquake in my family life recently with my sister getting blindsided by a sudden divorce. So as she comes up with questions that are plaguing her mind I have been doing a lot of what-iffing trying to find solutions that work. I keep coming back to the worst case scenario and can we live with that? The bonus about the worst case scenario is that it rarely comes to pass. Sometimes it does. But then you take the hit, and keep going. For Finding Nemo fans, “Just keep swimming,” as Dory says. I even hear the little sing-song she does when I think that. Are things ideal? No, even heck no! But are we paralyzed and unable to accomplish anything? Again the answer is no. Have I managed to keep going and get some writing done? Not as much as I’d like, but I didn’t stop. I came back to what if . . . What if I took some time today and put down some new words? I did it. I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but then again, I did get something which is more than nothing. In the end, I feel it is better to have tried than not.

For something a little more long term than just what is happening daily. What if I get to 30, 40, 50 and I never tried? Put whatever in that sentence. What is the one thing (or more) that you’ve always wanted to do and never done? Time does go on. Eventually you do get to that point in the future. I, for one, don’t want to say, “I wish I had . . . ” How about you? The bonus is there is always another thing that I want to do. When I get to that point in my life I will be able to look back at everything that I did and be satisfied because I did do it.

Writing tools as tools for life. Very cool. Write on, my friends.


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