Inspiration or Desperation?

Are you an inspired writer or one who sits down and pounds out the words whether you feel like it or not? I have days of both. It’s usually one or the other. Rarely a combination. I can get inspired if I do sit down and start putting words on a blank page. Once I get that hesitation out of my head and get my editor to turn off, (easier said than done some days,) I can usually get something out. Will it ever see the light of day? Maybe, maybe not.

The times that I am inspired are truly some of the most fun writing I’ve ever done. Something just hits me and I’ve got to get it down. I can throw so many words at the page that my fingers can barely keep up with my thoughts. When you look up, the time that has passed doesn’t matter. What mattered is that the words and the work have been everything during that session. I live for those moments. When I’m not inspired, I sit down and push the words out, sometimes one at a time.

What do you do to get yourself going? Writing prompts? A walk through the woods/beach/jungle/city? A trip to your favorite coffee shop to watch people? Or an open notebook, page or screen in front of you? There are a myriad of tricks and primers to get working. Do you stop in the middle of what’s going on the previous work session so you can run back to it the next time and know exactly what you’re doing? (Never tried this one myself.)

I’m fairly certain that the method of getting yourself to write doesn’t really matter as long as you are writing. That is what this is all about, isn’t it? You cannot chase your dreams unless you actually start chasing them. Sit in the chair and write. Write on, friends.


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