Every now and an opportunity presents itself that you didn’t expect. I recently visited a children’s hospital. I was there for one afternoon in a very limited capacity. The place was amazing. The men and women who dedicate their lives to helping children who are hurt, sick or disabled are some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. However, there were even more people there who can astound you: the children.

These kids are dealing with all kinds of challenges that most people will (thankfully) never encounter. Entire families are affected by illnesses such as cancer, injuries, or disabilities. When you think about the challenges faced by these people on a daily basis it is something that takes your breath away. It can make you aware of things you take for granted, or feel things you never felt before. You can’t help but watch the dramas playing out around you. Everyone perceives things differently, but what I noticed? Resilience. These are children first and foremost. There is joy, wonder and excitement with the world. Yes, there may be difficulties but that does not stop the natural buoyancy of a child to experience life. Want to see what the “wonder of a child” really means? Spend some time around these kids. They still have fun, smile, play, joke, tease, romp, create, learn and laugh. They may also hurt, but they are marvelously still children. It brings a perspective to things that can be lost in the race for the all-powerful dollar, the career, the newest gadget, or the next distraction or entertainment.

Most of us are lucky in that we’ll never need the services provided by such places, but when needed they are there to help.

Are you resilient? Do you bounce back after disappointment? Failure? Can you see the joy in life? Trying again? Never giving up? Try to remember what wonder felt like. It can be stunning. Write on.


One Comment on “Resilience”

  1. Jennifer Jerome says:

    Love this!! U are so right on!! Thank u..

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