Refilling the Well

Sometimes you’ve spent your creative juices doing something that maybe wasn’t the most valuable use of your time. When done, you look at it and go, “What was I thinking?” And sometimes you shrug and move on.

I look at those times as refilling the well. Something inside was just nagging at you so much that you had to do something to get it out of the way so you could continue on your regular projects. I don’t write poetry. I’m an amateur photographer at best because I do it solely for fun. I’m a champion pumpkin carver, but don’t ask me to carve any other medium. I don’t paint or draw much more than stick characters. So I’m a writer. But what, you ask, have I started doing recently in creative land? I’m working with my own graphic elements for my own projects. Which means that in my copious amount of spare time (ha-ha, right?!) I’m learning new software programs. And not just any new software programs, but Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator. Needless to say this is a daunting task.

As I was playing with them the other day, I was worried about what I was actually producing rather than just playing to see what things did. Once I overcame that natural editor instinct I started punching buttons. These programs have a fabulous action called “Undo” that you can always back out of whatever corner you get yourself into. I had a blast. In the end, I even had something that came out pretty good if I do say so myself.

What have you done recently to fill the well? Write on.


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