Growing or Dormant? you growing in the ground you’re planted in or have you fallen into a dormant phase? I refuse to believe that anyone is dead until they actually are. My biggest nightmare is being trapped within myself. Can you imagine it? Your brain works completely fine, but you have no muscle control or any way to interact with anyone or the world around you. Creepy. But that is a thought for another day.

All of us have an environment that is unique to us. The question is: what are you doing with yours? Even the most mundane environment can be full of inspiration, motivation or evasions. Suspense? A cat stalking a rabbit or squirrel. Romance? Dew on a rose in the morning light. Fantasy? There are gnomes/fairies/smurfs living in the yard. Mystery? Who is the dead guy in the basement? I don’t even want to think about the evasions, but a few spring to mind: can’t write until the dishes are done; the mountain of laundry is going to bury us in an avalanche; the mold has taken over the bathroom. You get the point.

All it takes is a bit of changing your point of view to get to a perspective where you can grow. Look at where you are. It may not be ideal, but then we always have dreams of where we’d like to be. Use what is around you to work for you. Use the dream of where you’d like to be. Anything can work for you, you’re an artist. Our environment is what it is. Don’t like it, change it. But if you’re in this place for a while, find the magic that works for you. We have a choice to see things through our own unique perspective. I can’t wait to read about yours. Grow where you’re planted. Write on, friends.


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