Tortoise or Hare?

Which one are you? I’m a tortoise. I need a plan. I work the plan. I make a new plan. I’ll get there eventually.

An author acquaintance of mine likes to think she’s a tortoise. She plans. She works up a schedule being meticulous about deadlines and word counts per day. Then she writes the book in a weekend. She’s a hare. I love watching it happen, but I cannot do it myself. Do I envy the hare in her? Sometimes, I must admit. She makes it look sooo easy. And let me tell you: it’s not. She works her tail off. But it works for her.

What did I learn from her? I needed a plan. My writing was erratic. I would write in a spurt here or a spurt there. I waited for inspiration to strike. Little did I realize was that with my personality, if I sit down to work the inspiration comes. I need to just give it time to get out. By setting up a plan and keeping to it, I’ll get there. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t set up finish lines. You bet I do. Once I set that milestone I paste it up everywhere to remind me (and my subconscious) that the next stage is coming. Right now I’m planning. Next is writing. I’ll have a word count and goal for that too. Editing and submission are in there as well, but they don’t take as long for me as the others. Then we start over again with planning.

So regardless of how you write and what type of writer you are, tortoise or hare, (outliner or pantser if you go for that terminology,) the whole idea is to actually do the work. It doesn’t really matter how it gets done as long as it works for you. Write on, friends.


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