Start & Restart

Just do something, even if it is wrong. The point about having goals is to actually have something to shoot for. If you don’t start you can’t get there. I’m having this issue myself today.

Some days it is really hard just to find the motivation. You don’t feel in top condition. You don’t have the right tools. Your laptop blew up or you can’t find the power cord. Your favorite notebook got dropped in the dishwater. Your dog ate your pen. It doesn’t matter what it is, there is something that is holding you back from achieving your goals.

But there is a cure for all of that: start. Big projects are not completed in a day. Climbing mountains takes planning and training. Building bridges takes a plan and lots of engineering and assembly. Olympic sprinters and swimmers train most of their lives for a less than 1 minute performance at the right time. You (or most of us anyway) cannot possibly write a novel in a weekend. Even my author friend, the hare, can’t. Yes, she wrote the book in a weekend, after months of planning. It didn’t happen all at once except the final tie up of the project. She knew where she was going. She made the plan and worked it. At that point all the hard decisions were made and she just had to write it up. Where did she succeed? In the starting up every time she had writing time. Did she add to the plan every time she sat down? That I cannot tell you, but given human nature she might have had an off day or two, where whatever she seemed to write may have seemed ok or not, but it wasn’t her best. She kept doing it. She worked and didn’t let the end goal of the story down. She started.

That is what we need to do to succeed. Start. Life’s journey is a bunch of starts. You choose where to spend your time. I just spent more than an hour of my precious writing time not writing. Did I let it derail me? No, I’m going to take the time I have left and write. The next time I have more writing time I’m going to start again.

Will Smith says there is a difference in talent and skill. (1:42 – 2:02, actually the first 5 minutes.) Talent is something you have naturally. Skill is something you develop by spending hours and hours and hours beating on your craft. I may not like his work or a specific project of his, but the man has a vision of what he is and where he is going. He works and he works hard. I can learn from that. Go beat on your craft.

Start. Restart. Write on.


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