Internal Editors and Critics

Recognize this? Does this sound familiar?book edit

You don’t know how to write. Who would read this? It’s boring. What are you doing? You’re wasting your time. You really can’t write. Just don’t bother. Go about doing the chores and don’t worry your little head about creating something. You don’t have anything new to say. What makes you think that if you write it someone will want to read it? Where do you think you get your ideas? This has all been done before. You call that entertaining? You think you know how this other person will react? You can’t recognize truth if it bites you. And you will piss off people. You can’t possibly think that this is the only way to handle things? Your writing sucks. You might as well just use it as toilet paper because that’s all this is good for. People will hate this. And what makes you think that you have something worthwhile to say? No one cares what you think or write. Just get over yourself and see the writing on the wall. You’re nothing, nobody, and don’t have anything to say that anyone else would ever want to read.

This is your internal editor or critic trying to get the best of you whenever you attempt to do something creative. Have you been listening to it more than you want to admit? We all do. It’s always there. Why do you think anyone cares? Because we are all people and the human condition drives some of us to try and create, write or speak about it. Being human isn’t easy. We doubt. We let potential go to waste. We are fragile in ways that we are afraid to admit to others. Embrace that fragility and help someone see that it is okay to be different. You write. She paints. He sculpts. All of these things are wonderful because they are part of who we are. Turn off the editor. Say no to the critic. Do. Be. Create. Write. This is the beauty of life that is sometimes lost or forgotten. Your uniqueness is what makes these things interesting. Not everyone will like it. That is okay too. But you’ll never know if someone does if you don’t create in the first place.

Write on.


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