I’m Scared

graphic from http://articles.elitefts.com/features/iron-brothers/fear-is-the-only-thing-we-should-fear/Are you? Do you spend any time thinking about fear? I have to admit that I do.

No matter how old I get there is always something I’m scared about. I have a feeling that it is always going to be this way. Fear is a part of my life. Is it part of yours? If not, why not?

I look in the mirror and I see two reflections of myself: one the young me afraid of everything but still ready to take on the world, and the other the current me who has lost some battles, done some really stupid stuff, and yet done some really cool things that I never would have imagined. Fear affects how we think, what we decide to do, and the way we see things in the world. Ever feel like you’re a fraud and you don’t really belong here? Ever think, “Wow, someone is going to realize what tripe this is and laugh me out of the room.” This is the fear I’m talking about. Do you really have any idea what you’re doing? I don’t. And I’m ok with that.

Fear is a motivator for me. It pushes me to do bigger things. I look around while I’m doing these things and if I’m not afraid then it might be time to change something. You cannot change directions while you stand still. If you try you’re spinning in circles. What are you afraid of and why does it scare you? Did the answer surprise you?

Here’s the thing about fear: we all feel it. The key is to do it anyway. Do your best. Put your work out there. Challenge yourself to do more, be more. I believe that to be human is to be afraid. I’m scared no one will understand this. I did it anyway.

Write on.


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