Second Chances

writeI am a writer. I write. My take on the “I think therefore I am” business. I did not participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I have never been able to commit to it because of choices I’ve made. I am ok with that. But for those of you who may have started and given up, stalled, or gotten sidetracked, here is a second chance for you. There are 2 weeks left. If you start now and write all 13 days assuming the base word count that NaNoWriMo touts at 1,700 words per day, you can have over 22,000 words done on the novel/novella/epic that you don’t have now. If you want to be picky, 22,100 words assuming you stick to the base word count. Now if you manage to get your internal editor turned off and go stream of conscious writing, I’d be shocked if you stuck to the base word count. Think about that. 22,000 words is nothing to sneeze at. Get writing!

My choice is to try and make writing a life change. I want to write every month, not just put an artificial deadline out there and see if I can hit it. It isn’t my way of doing things. And that is ok. People need to make commitments to themselves to work on the projects that are important because they are important to them. In my case, that means that I’ve set up a writing schedule and I’ve been sticking to it by choice. Have I hit my goal every day? Hell no. Do I let it get me down? Give up? Put pressure on myself to make up the difference? Again, hell no. I choose to write. I choose to take this difficult career path because it speaks to me. I choose to keep working on it because every day that I sit down and put words in whatever medium, it makes me happy. I am a writer. How about you?

Write on.


4 Comments on “Second Chances”

  1. I love the first two lines of this post: “I am a writer. I write.” I think that’s the most important leap for any aspiring writer to take, the leap from “I want to be a writer. I should write.” to “I AM a writer. I DO write.” Not easy. And yet not all that hard either.

  2. You did an excellent job with this!

    • anjerome says:

      Thank you, Power. Everyone needs to hear that sometimes you need to change a perspective and keep trying rather than just giving up on a project. You may surprise yourself!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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