Story is Change

One of the first things that writers generally learn is that (most) stories convey change. I say most in parentheses because some writers think they can get away with writing where nothing happens. I, personally, do not find those stories interesting enough to read. Change can loosely be connected to cause and effect to drive the story. Sometimes it is obvious: the world ends. Sometimes it is only the mind of the character or the circumstances that have changed, but something has changed.

When we talk about something happening we talk about cause and effect. Something didn’t just happen, it happened because something else happened previously. Event 1 happens and Event 2 happens because Event 1 happened. Simple, right? This makes a platform for how the story progresses. Otherwise known as plot. Cause –> Effect.

Obviously it can be this simple, or it can be so much more complex depending on the story. That is the beauty of creation.

What changes in your story? Write on.


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