Singles or Doubles?

I have just learned that I am a dinosaur. There is a distinguishing characteristic of dinosaurs when it comes to writing. I didn’t know that. That characteristic, which I’m trying to overcome even as I write this, is I’m a double spacer.

I learned to type in school. Standard practice (at that time) was that you put 2 spaces after a period when typing. After years and years of this, decades in fact, it is ingrained. I type a period and I hit the spacebar twice with my thumb. I am currently in therapy to remove the habitual twitch, but it still happens. Sometime in the 1990’s or so, (according to Wikipedia,) it appears that the style guides have changed to only having a single space at the end of a sentence. I learned this last week. It was a random read of a random blog which I cannot even find in my browser history. Doing a random Google search of course turns up hundreds upon thousands of articles, helpful tips or just plain comments about it. Since I learned this, the format change has hung around in my brain bugging me. So fine, whatever. It is a blank space. Does it really matter to ANYONE other than someone who is setting up for a typesetter or that same typesetter that there are two spaces rather than one following my end of sentence punctuation?! Isn’t that what search and replace is for? I am not going back and changing over all the lovely documents I’ve accumulated/produced/written that I have unless I’m tightening up something for submission. In the meantime, I will stop trying to stutter on the spacebar after every period.

Yes, I am a dinosaur who is learning new tricks. Write on.